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Urinary incontinence (UI) or the loss of bladder control is a common health problem that affects over 25 million adults in the US. Getting the right treatment for UI will help you by reducing frequent bathroom stops and minimizing embarrassing accidents.

Urinary incontinence can happen especially in unexpected situations – such as working out in the gym, or even during a sneeze. While prevention via pelvic floor exercises is usually the best option for these issues, problems may still arise when the exercises are not practiced or when the birth of a child causes bladder leakage issues. Today, we are proud to offer one of the best treatment options available for these issues, called the Emsella® procedure.

Emsella® is a non-surgical, non-invasive treatment for incontinence caused by a weakened pelvic floor. The Emsella chair emits a high-intensity focused electromagnetic (HIFEM) wave to create supramaximal contractions within the pelvic floor muscles over a 30-minute session twice a week for 3 weeks.

The treatment helps target weakened muscles within the pelvic floor that causes stimulation of these muscles, improving bladder control and reducing incontinence. Some may see immediate results while others may not feel any different until they have had a few sessions.

With Emsella, most patients will find relief from urinary incontinence. It reduces the chances of urinating from sneezing, coughing, laughing, and exercising. Emsella reduced the need for planning trips and outings based on the location of restroom facilities.

Urinary incontinence does not discriminate. Though it is more likely to occur in women, men also have issues with incontinence. Women in their twenties (who have not had children) can still struggle with incontinence, especially athletes who participate in high-impact sports or those who struggle with obesity.

You don’t have to suffer in silence and experience any discomfort during strenuous activities anymore. Book an Emsella® consultation today to improve your quality of life and get back confidence in your intimate moments.

Service Time

An Emsella® treatment is quick, easy, and you don’t even have to undress. The whole session takes just under half an hour. Most patients receive 4-6 treatments within 2-5 days apart. We will make sure to properly assess the right length of treatment unique to your goals.

Recovery Time

There is no downtime for recovery with Emsella, and the treatment is virtually pain-free. You can come in for your quick appointment, take the session fully clothed, and then go about your day! Side effects in the treated area may include muscular pain, temporary muscle spasm, temporary joint or tendon pain, local erythema or skin redness.


Patients usually see results within 2-5 hours of the appointment, so this means you may observe improvement after a single session. The results will typically continue to improve over the next few weeks. Best results with Emsella can be observed 2-4 weeks after multiple sessions.


Emsella® mainly helps in treating urinary incontinence or the loss of bladder control. But other benefits are also observed after an Emsella treatment: reduced urinary and fecal incontinence, improved quality of life, improved sexual performance, and strengthened pelvic floor muscles.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How long is an Emsella® treatment?

An Emsella® treatment takes no more than 30 minutes max of your day. Come in for a quick appointment and then you can go about your day!

How long is the recovery time, and are there any side effects?

There is no downtime to Emsella®! Mild side effects may be seen after a session such as muscular pain, and temporary muscle spasm. Although these will usually subside in just a few hours.

How fast willI I see the results?

Patients report feeling effects immediately 2-5 hours after their first treatment! Best results may be observed 2-4 weeks after the recommended 4-6 Emsella® sessions.

Does the procedure hurt?

No, Emsella® does not hurt. You may experience tingling and pelvic floor muscle contractions during the procedure, but without any downtime, you can go ahead and resume you daily activities immediately after the procedure.

Who is an ideal candidate for Emsella®?

Patients who aim to get rid of their urinary incontinence are the best candidates for this treatment – men and women. People who desire to improve their sexual health and performance are welcome to get the treatment as well.

What is the treatment time?

A typical, recommended treatment plan consists of 4-6 sessions, under 30 minutes each, scheduled 2-5 days apart.

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